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The "Iron Horse" Group Returns to the Twin Cities - September 24, 2011

HEY!!!! WE'RE BACK!!!...
It's been about a month since the original Iron Horse members hung up their instruments and moved on to different adventures, but the three remaining members are back and ready to lock it down! Taking the stage with Christina, Ryan, and Darrin as The "Iron Horse" Group are Pete Fox, Jeff Lungstrom, and Jesse Rae Ernster. Get ready for some kickin country TWIN CITIES!!! Keep checking back for a link to the band website coming soon. Otherwise check us out now on facebook!!

Hey All - May 10, 2011

Hey all my fellow county lovers...Just wanted to drop a line letting you all know I will be back out and about singing soon...just doing a little regrouping and I'll plant my feet when I find my band...stay tuned...SEE YA ALL SOON :)

Moondance Jam - June 22, 2010

It was so nice to be back at a festival again. Had a fun and met tons of new people!...Loved all the different acts out there and was happy to be amongst some of the best country fans ever!! Til next year folks!!! :)

I LOVE THIS BAR!!! - June 10, 2010

What a blast Toby's was...great food..tons of people...and an overall kick butt country bar....for sure we will be out there again soon so check back for dates!!!

Rollies - May 16, 2010

Had a blast at Rollies Saturday night..what a crowd!! Awesome venue with creat food, staff, and entertainment. The mechanical bull saw constant action on one side of the bar while the sports bar on the opposite side was filled to the brim with sports fans...not to mention the awesome crowd rockin the dance floor all night! Thanks for a great time hope to see ya all out again soon!!

The Lookout - April 26, 2010

Had a blast at the Lookout last weekend!! What a party!! Good times! Come on out in May and check us out and make sure to bring your friends!! :)

Hey they're playin "CIRCULATION" and I need your Help!! :) - April 10, 2010

Hey all so just got word they are playin my song "Circulation" down in Nashville on NBRN (Nashville Broadcasting Radio Network) and will continue to play it as long as they are getting requests from fans...so email Bill Rainey by going to meet our D.J.s from this link and tell him you wanna hear "Circulation."Index

CDs AVAILABLE NOW!!! - July 18, 2007

Get Your Copy of Christina's New Album "WHO SHE AIN'T". Preview before you buy! Buy the CD

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